Legendary Stanford tennis coach, Dick Gould discusses his new book - a collective memoir from 38 years of his players - with collaborator Tim Troupe Noonan.

Dick Gould

Innovating as he did for his entire career, Dick Gould, who ranks in the top five on the list of NCAA titles won across all sports, well ahead of many more well-known coaches, departs radically in Anatomy of a Champion from the standard coach’s “reflections in retirement”. Spurred by questions about how his teams won so consistently for so long — no player in 38 years left without at least one national championship ring — Gould sent an extensive questionnaire to all 200 of his former players asking for their perspectives on the nature of Stanford’s success over nearly four decades. Over 83% answered; their perspectives on success became Anatomy of a Champion!

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Tim Troupe Noonan

Tim Troupe NoonanGould’s collaborator, Tim Troupe Noonan, was a member of one of Stanford’s early national championship teams and once ranked among the top 200 tennis players in the world. In his subsequent career he is a professional historian and an acclaimed author and ghostwriter of over 35 books in a variety of disciplines. His magazine articles have appeared in Life, American History Illustrated, Forbes FYI, Tennis, and many other publications.